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Silver Signet Ring , Ancient Greek Coin Ring, Dainty Boho Jewelry Gift For

Silver Signet Ring , Ancient Greek Coin Ring, Dainty Boho Jewelry Gift For

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Silver signet ring, with "phaistos disc" design. The Disc of Phaistos is one of the most famous mysteries of archeology.  It is a disc of fired clay from the Minoan Palace of Phaistos on the Greek island of Crete. It is most likely dating from about 1700 BC. The original disc is about 15 cm in diameter and covered on both sides with a spiral of stamped symbols. Its purpose and meaning remain disputed.  The disc features 241 symbols which were apparently made by pressing pre-formed stamps into a disc of soft clay,  in a clockwise sequence spiraling towards the disc’s center. Many of the different symbols represent everyday items, such as human figures, birds, fish, insects, plants, a boat, a shield, etc. Nobody has managed to decipher the code behind the disc’s signs. There are some theories that say that the disc is an ancient calendar or a cosmic map showing the position of stars in our galaxy.

❊ Material: Sterling silver, with 18k gold plated silver hoop on top ❊ Size : 12 mm coin

Customer Reviews

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Olga Dendrinou Fink
Gorgeous ring

I love this ring and the story behind it!
It came in a beautiful package and a nice personal note from Katerina.
This ring is the second piece I own from Bohemian Summer Tales and I will definitely grow my collection over time.
The service and the quality of the ring are excellent and I highly recommend!


Υπέροχη δημιουργία, όπως ολες οσες βρήκα σ αυτό το φανταστικο κατάστημα που κοσμεί τα Πετάλωνα!!!
Σίγουρα το προτείνω!!!

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